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Our Agency

The CauseWay Agency is a purpose-driven, full-service cause communications agency that works exclusively with leading non-profit organizations and government agencies to address important social issues. Founded in 2008 by a seasoned advertising executive, CauseWay features a multidisciplinary team consisting of highly qualified professionals with relevant experience that spans more than 25 years. Our offices are headquartered in Westport, CT, and we have established client/partner relationships nationwide.

Meet Our Team

Bob Shultz


Meghan Dellinger

Senior Director of Marketing

Juergen Dahlen

Senior Art Director

Dwight Sterling

Media Director

Kelley Cole Graham

Associate Creative Director

Kristin Mednick

Communications Manager

Lucky Coffey

Account Coordinator

Jim Parry

Senior Copy Writer

Triwi Harjito

Vice President

Joe Piazza

Senior Art Director

Aaron Shapiro

Media Planning

Jim Todd


Our Approach

At CauseWay, we have a different kind of bottom line. Our success is not measured in dollars and cents per se, but in lives helped and saved, and enhanced and communities made better. We specialize in creating multimedia marketing communications campaigns that generate awareness, shape attitudes, and over time, change behavior and inspire change. This is the CauseWay Cause & Effect. It’s insightful strategic thinking and outstanding creative that makes a compelling difference. It’s work that matters.